App Ideas: Top 20 App Development Ideas To Explore In 2022

20 App Development Ideas To Explore In 2022

App Ideas: Top 20 App Development Ideas To Explore In 2022

We exist in an era where there is an app for everything. While technology advancements are taking place every day, there is a wider scope of building innovative apps that solve problems and become a part of our day-to-day life.

Needless to say, mobile apps have become ‘go-to’ solutions for everything. While there is an app that exists for everything, we are here with innovative and new app ideas to explore in 2022.The mobile app development industry witnessed unprecedented growth with a huge number of apps, increased app usage, and growing demand for apps in all business verticals. This inspires businesses and investors to invest in mobile apps to create new revenue streams.

Here, we have rounded up a list of the best app ideas for startups and mobile application development to try out in 2022.

Online Study Material App
Online Tutor App
Blockchain-based Payment And Transfer App
NFT Marketplace
Personal Finance App
Medication Reminder App
Find Yoga Trainer App
Online Consultation Using Metaverse
Fitness Tracker App
Interior Design App
On-Demand Cleaning Service
On-Demand Chef or Cook Finder App
Translating Words From Picture
Rent & Wear Apps
EV Charging Station Finder App
Pet Marketplace App
Co-working Space Finder App
Tourists Helper App
Document Saver And Management App
Dropshipping App
Online Study Material App:
Pandemic has made people prioritize virtual over real. This applied everywhere from groceries to attending virtual meetings and studying online. Schools were shut and a majority of the academic institutions shifted to online mode to conduct online classes and deliver lectures.

This app idea is about EdTech, a combination of IT tools, platforms, and education practices that observed skyrocketed growth during the pandemic.

Online Study Material App offers study material for different subjects and grades that include videos, presentations, documents, lecture notes, exam questions, paper practices, paper solutions, etc. Users can create an account and download material or go for a paid subscription to access exclusive material.

You can start with the freemium model and go for monetization once the app reaches a significant number of users.

Online Tutor App:

This yet another EdTech app will also be a great idea for a business. Online Tutor App provides a platform where students can connect with tutors online or in person.

It lets users connect with experts of their choices and collaborate with them offline or online. Users can search tutors with the subject, qualification, and hourly rates.

This app focuses on one-to-one learning and the pay-as-you-use model, making it easier for the students to connect with the experts they need for the particular skill or subject.

Blockchain-based Payment And Transfer App:

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology in FinTech and it is the right time to jump on the bandwagon.

Blockchain is a type of information system with high security as records in blockchain are impossible to change, alter, and delete. Blockchain-based payment and transfer apps offer a complete payment system that relies on Decentralized Ledger Technology.

Blockchain transactions are easy, secure, and don’t require an intermediate party. It is a promising technology for payment and many cryptocurrencies have been launched on blockchain technology to date.

It is a fast, safe, efficient, and global payment system.

NFT Marketplace:

This is going to be huge in the near future as this is one of the trending applications of Blockchain.

NFT is a non-fungible token and it has the potential to change the way we own things digitally. In technical terms, NFT is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain that can be sold and traded.

This is one of the best app development ideas worth to try especially you are a FinTech enthusiast. NFT represents real-world items like art, music, and other forms of digital assets that link ownership to unique physical or digital items.

NFT Marketplace is used to keep track of NFT collection and discover new assets. This app can also be used to sell, trade, and launch new digital works.

Personal Finance App:

Credit cards, bills, loans, EMIs, expenses, and income – one app to manage all these. A personal finance app is a very useful idea that lets users manage and keep track of financial goals through a single app.

You can set limits, categorize expenses, and personalize categories of your budget and the application lets users know when they approaching limits. A wide range of personal finance app with different features serves to different needs of users and is primarily used for tracking wealth and spending.

Medication Reminder App:

Medication Reminder App is simply a reminder program and medication tracker. This healthcare app idea is rewarding and also has a separate user base that uses this kind of app that reminds them to take medicine.

It can also display information related to medicine and medication interaction warnings such as allergies, reactions, certain food to avoid, and so on.

Users need to enter the medication details such as dose, prescribed medicine, and time. You can also introduce paid features such as syncing users’ health data, refill alerts, reports to be shared with your caretaker or health personnel, and so on.

Find Yoga Trainer App:

By using this app, you can connect with your yoga instructor for online or offline yoga sessions. Users can connect with a personal trainer or join online sessions for Yoga regardless of users’ location.

This Find Yoga Trainer App acts like a platform where yoga beginners and yoga instructors connect and conduct online and offline yoga sessions and lessons.

To make it more feature-rich, you can also provide users with yoga videos that can be downloaded so users can have offline accessibility as per their schedules.

Online Consultation Using Metaverse:

Metaverse is a hot topic these days. It has the potential to revolutionize socializing, gaming, healthcare, work, and communication. With the use of AR, VR, and AI, Metaverse creates online environments with a more immersive and interactive touch.

With the rise of Telehealth and Telemedicine apps during the pandemic, the healthcare sector is now set to witness Telepresence with the use of Metaverse.

Online health consultation using a Metaverse will create a new world of possibilities. It bridges the gap and creates next-level immersion that helps doctors and patients to have a ‘be there’ feeling in real-time. This Metaverse consultation app will help effectively and quickly diagnose conditions and health issues.

Fitness Tracker App:

Everyone wants to live a healthier and more active life. Isn’t it? Now, with the help of technologies and advancements in healthcare, this has become easier than ever before.

This Fitness Tracker App helps users achieve fitness goals by tracking every activity and suggesting best practices to stay fit. It offers exercise tracking, workout tracking, encouraging healthy habits, and even diet plans. It provides guidance, suggestions, reminders, and instructions based on your personalized program.

Interior Design App:

This Interior Design App uses Augmented Reality (AR) that lets users see how different furniture or décor items would look in the room.

By using this app, users can get an idea, explore materials, and connect with the best interior designers in the nearby area. This Interior Design App includes features such find the right paint for your home, even construction, and floor plans, or creating an entirely new plan with the furniture and décor items. AR will display the complete look and also help shop the material and items you put in your virtual design.

On-Demand Cleaning Service:

This on-demand cleaning service app idea is like Uber for house cleaning service. Using this app, you can hire people to clean your house/organization at your convenient time and schedule.

House cleaning services agencies and professional cleaners can use this app to offer their services and connect with the people who want to use such services through this platform.

You can add features like book appointments, payment transfer, reviews & ratings, advanced search based on location, service, or service provider name, and so on.

On-demand cleaning service app is one of the best mobile app ideas to try as the home services industry is booming and a large number of customers use on-demand services to get their work done.

On-Demand Chef or Cook Finder App:
Online food delivery apps have seen exponential growth during the pandemic as there were restrictions imposed worldwide on public places such as restaurants, gardens, gyms, parks, and so on.

People found it very convenient to use such apps to enjoy restaurant food at home and that too, without going outside. While the food market industry is lucrative and in full swing, an on-demand cook or chef finder app will be a great idea for any businessman.

The functionality of the on-demand cook finding app is similar to any on-demand booking app. By using this, customers meet professional chefs of their choice to fulfill cooking requirements at a specified location. The customers can be houses, hotels, organizations, and professional cooks. Users just need to search for cooks and cooks on the other side, accept the request based on their location, kind of cuisines, and rates.

There can be diverse parameters and functionalities in the on-demand cook finder app.

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Translating Words From Picture:

You can derive an idea for app development from Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ section in the search page result. You can develop an app that translates words from a picture in your language.

Google Translate also does this but to provide your users with a more complete and user-friendly experience while they travel to other countries or continents, this app can help them translate instantly and easily.

AI-based Picture Translator App enables users to translate text from images, objects, and digital files. It has features like support for a majority of the languages, object recognition, pronunciation help, offline accessibility, and seamless translation to any language.

Rent & Wear Apps:

How eye-opening this quote is! If you are a person who favors sustainability, then this is a good application idea to develop.

With Rent & Wear app, users can leverage this eco-friendly service focused on building a community that is interested in peer-to-peer clothing rentals.

The clothing rental service app is environment-friendly and also provides users with the latest looks and unlimited wardrobe styles.

Targeted users of this app can be

Customers who want to rent or wear
Brands, designer studios, or any such organization that want to participate
A third-party provider who acts as an intermediate that handles delivery and pick-up
It will be one of the good app ideas to try with different features and functionalities.

EV Charging Station Finder App:
Electric vehicles are growing in popularity and have become the talk of the town recently. Whenever you are driving within the city or planning a road trip in your EV, you might need this kind of app that finds the nearest EV charging station for you.

The Google Map allows you to search EV Charging Station and shows the nearest one with real-time availability. This app idea can be taken to next level with features like availability, vehicle compatibility, monitoring charging progress, charging stations from other providers, adding new stations you come across, and so on.

Pet Marketplace App:

Pet Marketplace Apps are growing in popularity and become a go-to destination for all their pet-related requirements.

Pet Marketplace App is one of the best app ideas if you want to enter the pet marketplace business. Also, there is a great demand for pet caring, pet shopping, and pet shopping apps. This type of marketplace app includes products for pets, booking pet care services, suggestions, and exploring arrivals of new products.

You can monetize such marketplace apps through eCommerce, Ads, commissions, and merchandise to generate revenue.

Co-working Space Finder App:

Pandemic has drastically shifted the way of working from office to home. Work from home has become a new normal and companies were left with no option except work from home because of worldwide lockdowns.

Now, co-working space has emerged as an alternative to working from home. Work from home trend is here to stay and many companies have permitted WFH for their majority of the workforces.

Because of this flexibility, employees can travel and work from anywhere. The co-working space finder app helps anyone find co-working places in any city. The co-working space finder app can include features like display locations, facilities & membership plans, ratings and reviews, search filters like location, WiFi speed, and seating arrangements.

Tourists Helper App:

You are traveling to a different city or place and you just want to explore the nearby sites, food, shops, and also want to connect with locals. An app might include all these and become your guide in your journey.

Yes, Tourists Helper App lets travelers/tourists explore the city, food, other sites, and also events with the help of locals. This app can offer step-by-step instructions, the fastest route, what to carry, accommodations, restaurants, and other activities to explore. The locals of the particular place who belong to the tourism industry can use this app to offer their services and design tour plans for tourists.

This app idea for the travel and tourism industry aims to become a perfect travel guide for any traveler/tourist during their travel journey.

Document Saver And Management App:

Document Saver and Management App securely keep your all important files and documents in the cloud. You can share, manage, and print your documents using this app.

It can also include a subscription-based model for more advanced features like more storage, security, and access features.

You can streamline, share, and also access documents from any device. This Document Saver App is one of the best Android app ideas similar to DigiLocker that saves your file securely and makes it accessible on the go.

Dropshipping App:

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method where a seller doesn’t keep the goods it sells, instead, a third party manages the inventory and the seller needs to purchase inventory to fulfill orders.

Dropshipping helps any eCommerce store owners to easily start and offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness over other retail business models.

This Dropshipping app helps users find new products, and also provides information regarding suppliers, quality, and price. Sellers purchase products directly from suppliers without inventory overhead and orders will be shipped directly to customers from there only.

It can be integrated with online platforms like Shopify, Amazon, or any eCommerce platform for smooth functioning and order fulfillment. This eCommerce app idea is one of the good app ideas if you are in the eCommerce business and you can solve the built-in complexities that come with it.

App Ideas: Mobile App Ideas That Are Worth Considering
There is no need to be innovative always and come up with ground-breaking ideas. If your solution is better and offers some benefits over the existing product, there is a chance that your app will be successful. There are plenty of ideas to try: you just need thorough market research, analysis, and commitment to building new revenue streams by having an app.

Mobile app development services can help right from consultation, strategies, planning, implementing to launching. The demand for high-quality apps is soaring. Pick an app idea, and build a user-friendly, engaging, and feature-rich mobile app that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained! If you have an idea, talk with us, and let’s together turn your idea into reality!