Benefits of Microsoft Cloud for Strategic Companies

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Benefits of Microsoft Cloud for Strategic Companies

Benefits of Microsoft Cloud for Strategic Companies

Providing your business with technology solutions to drive growth doesn’t have to mean that you’re spending a fortune – or skimping on functionality

Providing your business with technology solutions to drive growth doesn’t have to mean that you’re spending a fortune — or skimping on functionality. It all starts with a solid understanding of your business needs, including the wealth of data that is the backbone of many modern businesses. Accessing and storing this information is a crucial part of your infrastructure strategy, and organizations are increasingly turning to Microsoft cloud technology to provide robust cybersecurity and the convenience of having data available when and where it is needed. Microsoft’s focus on delivering a consistent and cohesive presence in the cloud across their product line allows organizations of all sizes to take advantage of enterprise-scale tools. Here are some of the many benefits of Microsoft cloud for companies that are strategically focused on the future.

What is Included in Microsoft Cloud?

Microsoft Office has been the premier productivity suite for businesses around the globe for decades, and Microsoft Office 365 brought expanded ease of use to organizations everywhere. The ability to access your documents, spreadsheets, presentations and business data from any computer no longer seems like a foreign concept. Businesspeople are accustomed to being able to work when and where they need to, on a variety of different devices and much of that can be attributed to Microsoft’s strategy to focus their efforts and attention on the cloud. Storage with Microsoft’s Azure is a growth market for Microsoft, providing businesses with the flexibility that they need to store and distribute assets quickly and securely. The most recent addition to the Microsoft cloud stable is Microsoft 365: a fully-featured suite of intelligent services that includes Windows 10, Enterprise Mobility + Security and Office 365. Businesses that subscribe to Microsoft 365 have access to the full-featured services that are necessary for today’s highly-connected organizations.

How Can Microsoft Cloud Help Your Company Be Strategic?

Scaling your organization can be challenging, especially with technology that is relatively stagnant and set in terms of both functionality and licensing. With Microsoft Cloud, you are able to focus more on the strategic growth of your business than worrying about whether or not your infrastructure will support what your business will look like in the future. Starting with an enterprise-scale platform such as the Microsoft cloud offerings allows you to create a base for your operations that will stay steady throughout the changes that can occur rapidly in organizations as they scale. Everything from user management to cybersecurity is easier to manage through a comprehensive suite of services instead of a group of disparate applications. Your technology team’s time is better spent investigating how you can innovate in your field than in building a brick-by-brick home for your business infrastructure.

Secure Data Storage and Distribution from a Leader in Cloud Technologies

As one of the world’s largest and oldest technology companies, Microsoft is purely focused on creating a holistic suite of services that provide an enhanced level of security to businesses of all sizes. Cybersecurity spending is on the rise, with Gartner forecasting that worldwide spending on security is expected to exceed $124 billion in 2019. New requirements for data security, such as the recent GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act(CCPA) are causing organizations to rethink their storage of data and how it is delivered to other businesses and to consumers — at every level of the organization.

This awareness has caused businesses to put a laser focus on their cloud storage capabilities, and Microsoft’s Azure is coming out on top even above industry leaders such as Amazon’s AWS. This is partially due to Microsoft’s core business model, with their end-to-end delivery of hybrid technologies so organizations can seamlessly shift between on-premises and cloud-based technology. Finally, Microsoft is claiming the entire workflow from the operating system to data storage, with office productivity sandwiched between. This makes it far simpler for organizations to select a single service provider than work with a variety of different vendors, reducing concerns about long-term viability of partners and the ability to stitch together various platforms.

A Digital Business = A Competitive Business

Organizations of all sizes are looking for ways to drive digital business transformation as a strategic initiative, allowing them to be more nimble and flexible than their competitors. With solutions that scale quickly, businesses can launch new initiatives and products without the longer turn-time required for traditional infrastructure. Servers are no longer in a back office or server closet, but are virtualized at remote data centers with regionally-redundant backups. Staying competitive means having the agility to shift with the market without massive investments in technology that may or may not pay off in terms of revenue opportunities.

Creating an agile business today requires having agile tools, and Microsoft cloud platform options are considered some of the best in the business. From ease of scaling to exceptional security, Microsoft cloud options are creating opportunities for strategic businesses to grow and thrive. When you are searching for the right IT advice to help your growing business, you need an organization that you can trust to deliver.