Advanced Kubernetes Operations (Virtual)

Advanced Kubernetes Operations (Virtual)


Course Overview

In the Advanced Kubernetes Operations course, operations staff will learn many of the tools and patterns needed to run a Kubernetes cluster in production.


What You’ll Learn

By the end of this course successfull learners will be able to:

  • Set up HA Kubernetes with Kubespray
  • Secure the software supply chain with an image registry
  • Deploy and manage Kubernetes apps with Helm
  • Instrument Kubernetes apps and clusters with Prometheus, Kibana, Alertmanager, Grafana and Fluentd
  • Continuous deployment with Istio and Flux
  • Cluster backup, upgrade and disaster recovery with Velero and Kubespray


Who This Course Is For:

Infrastructure/Deployment Engineers and Cloud Architects seeking to deploy & manage a production grade Kubernetes cluster.



  • CN220, or equivalent experience
  • Familiarity with the Bash shell: filesystem navigation and manipulation, command line text editors like vim or nano, common tooling like curl, wget and ping
  • Familiarity with YAML and JSON notation
  • Mastery of basic to intermediate Kubernetes tools, like pods, controllers, services and persistent storage.



This course is targeted at advanced Kubernetes users tasked with operational responsibilities such as logging, monitoring, alerting, continuous and progressive continuous deployments, as well as cluster bootstrapping, maintenance, backups and disaster recovery. Advanced Kubernetes Operations is a pattern driven course, exploring the powerful patterns of Kubernetes Operators and gitops which can be used across a wide variety of toolchains.


Delivery Format: Virtual Learning Duration 2 Weeks



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