Cyber Security An Introduction (Virtual)

Cyber Security An Introduction (Virtual)


Course Overview

The course provides the knowledge you need to build your organisation’s data protection structures from the ground up. With regulators worldwide calling for tech professionals to factor data protection into their products and services, the job market for security-trained pros has never been stronger. Whether you work in the public or private sector, data privacy skills are quickly becoming a must-have and that’s a great opportunity for you.



What You’ll Learn

  • Critical data protection concepts and practices that impact IT
  • Consumer data protection expectations and responsibility
  • How to bake privacy into early stages of IT products and services for cost control, accuracy and speed-to-market
  • How to establish data protection practices for data collection and transfer
  • How to preempt data protection issues in the Internet of Things
  • How to factor data protection into data classification and emerging tech such as cloud computing, facial recognition and surveillance
  • How to communicate data protection issues with partners such as management, development, marketing and legal.


Who This Course Is For:

  • Individuals who need an understanding of the principles of information privacy in technology and those interested in pursuing CIPT certification, including.
  • Data Protection Officers
  • IT Managers and Administrators
  • Records Managers
  • System Developers
  • Security specialist
  • Anyone who builds and develops IT systems



  • None



This course provides introductions to cyber security, including definitions, elements, standards, and threats/vulnerabilities, as well as introductions to cyber security management and governance, including frameworks, controls, cryptography, and identity and access management.


Delivery Format: Virtual Learning Duration 5 Days


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