MySQL For Developers (Virtual)

MySQL For Developers (Virtual)


Course Overview

This MySQL Developers training course is designed for MySQL Developers who have a good understanding of a MySQL database and experience of using SQL commands. The course provides further practical experience in more advanced MySQL commands and SQL statements including regular expression support, Common Table Expressions, Window functions, Stored Routines, custom functions, exception handling and Triggers.

What You’ll Learn

  • Using advanced features of the MySQL Client
  • Using advanced data types
  • Writing complex SQL query statements
  • Using advanced SQL expressions
  • Performing advanced Insert, Update, Delete, Replace and Truncate Operations
  • Using user variable syntax and properties
  • Importing and exporting data from within MySQL
  • Importing and exporting data from the command line
  • Performing complex subqueries
  • Using MySQL Connectors
  • MySQL and NoSQL integration
  • Creating, managing and using views
  • Implementing a Common Table Expression ( CTE )
  • Using Window functions
  • Implementing Regular Expressions
  • Using prepared statements
  • Creating and using stored routines
  • Creating and using triggers
  • Obtaining database metadata
  • Optimizing queries
  • Working with the main storage engines
  • Debugging MySQL applications


Who This Course Is For:

MySQL Developers who have a basic understanding of a MySQL database and SQL commands as covered on the Introduction to MySQL course.



A working knowledge of MySQL is required. This can be gained by attendance on the Introduction to MySQL.



To provide the skills needed to write more advanced queries and database maintenance statements on a MySQL database.

Attending this course will help delegates gain many of the skills and product knowledge requirements as outlined in the objectives. Studying these courses and their associated reference materials can form part of the preparation to achieve certification. Experience, practice, self-study and aptitude are also key requirements for success.


Delivery Format: Virtual Learning



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